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Preschool through 8th Grade

21st Century Learning

Innovation Thinking Lab


What is Innovation Thinking Lab? 

The LCC Day School Innovation Thinking (IT) Lab is housed in the Library/Media Center on the elementary campus. The lab was designed to give all students a place to explore 21st Century skills through STEAM (Science, Tech., Engineering, Art, and Math) and Design Thinking principles. The 21st Century skills of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication allow students to create new pathways for thinking and learning. This is a place for students to collaborate, design and invent using the engineering design process. We strive to teach the importance of flexible thinking and learning as an integral part of a well-rounded education. Many lessons in the IT Lab supplement our traditional grade-level curriculum, and all lessons focus on important STEAM, Design Thinking, and collaborative learning skills.


  • Pre-K and Elementary Technology

    LCC Day School encourages students to become creative, knowledgable and responsible digital citizens. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for the technological demands of middle school, high school, and beyond. 

    Class Highlights: 

    • Robotics
    • Coding
    • Digital Citizenship and Online Safety
    • Keyboarding
    • Research Skills
    • Word processing, Spreadsheets, and Presentations
    • Game Design (Trivia Games, Video Games, Animations) 

    For more information about our technology curriculum please read the class syllabusor contact Ms. McGrath via email.

Escape Rooms

  • Escape Rooms in Elementary School
  • Escape ARTist: Middle School Wheel

    In this course, students use logic, research, organization, and problem-solving skills to create escape rooms for a specified audience within the school. Working in small groups, students research themes, develop game plans, write introductions, and organize sequences of events. This course highlights the 21st Century skills necessary to succeed in the future. Students are challenged to use creative thinking, artistry, and inventiveness to make the escape room come alive! There is no escaping the fun and satisfaction of creating real educational escape rooms and then, watching them be played!


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