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Preschool through 8th Grade


Week 1:  May 28 - 31     Mornings     K - 1     OLD SCHOOL PE GAMES     $120
This will be a fun-filled camp of old-school activities like Pac-man, capture the flag, Foursquare and many more. Come run around with your friends and exercise a little in the process.

Week 1:  May 28 - 31     Mornings     2 - 4     THE GREAT DESERT ISLAND STEM CHALLENGE      $120
The Great Desert Island STEM Challenge is a set of 5 different activities centered around the story of a shipwrecked traveler stranded on a deserted island. After hearing the story of the shipwreck, students will read 5 of his diary entries. Each one will challenge them to design something to help him survive and get back to civilization.

Week 1:  May 28 - 31    Afternoons     K - 1     WORLD EXPLORERS CAMP     $120
Take a trip around the world this summer. Each day we will learn about one country and its culture, including art, sports and games, language, food, etc. The goal is to nurture a love of exploration and a sense of respect and empathy for other ways of life.

Week 1:  May 28 - 31     Afternoons      2 - 4     THE GREAT AMERICAN GAME SHOW       $120
Activities relating to two game shows would be completed each session. For example, Day 1 would include Minute To Win It activities and a Jeopardy game. Different teams would be chosen every day, and the day would start with the students choosing a team name, making a team banner, and then completing a craft to make a cheer prop ( pom poms, clackers, etc.)

Week 1:  May 28 - 31    Afternoons      4 - 8    BASKETBALL     $120
This camp will focus on skill development. Campers will work on shooting, passing, dribbling, team offense, defense, transition, teamwork, and fitness.

Week 2:  Jun 3 - 7     Mornings     K - 4    WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE-CREAM     $150
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! Join us for all things ice-cream. Campers will have plenty of hands-on fun exploring the science of ice-cream, ice-cream themed crafts and art projects, games, and of course homemade ice-cream!

Week 2:  Jun 3 - 7     Mornings     2 - 4     SHARK WEEK     $150
Come spend a week exploring the oceans and investigating the majestic shark! We will have a thrilling week as we dive in and learn more about sharks, their habitats (how it is at risk and how we can help?) and what makes them so unique (how have they managed to live for so long?). During our week we will get hands on as we investigate teeth and have other sensory experiences. We’ll be making our very own reference guide and we’ll explore the amazing contributions Eugenie Clark (founder of Mote Marine Aquarium) made to the research of sharks. We’ll cap our week off with an exciting and interesting conversation with a real shark scientist!

Week 2:  Jun 3 - 7     Mornings     2 - 4    THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY     $150
Do you LOVE Roald Dahl's Charlie & the Chocolate Factory? Let's celebrate this amazing book with activities related to the story, the characters, and of course... chocolate! Campers will design their own board games, invent and market a chocolate treat for Willy Wonka to produce at his factory, create a profile for a favorite character, make chocolate slime and chocolate play dough, and MORE! 

Week 2:  Jun 3 - 7    Mornings    3 - 5    FLORIDA HISTORY WITH FULL OF BEANS     $150
Let's celebrate the book; Full of Beans by Jennifer L. Holm. It's a wonderful story and prequel to Newberry Honor book Turtle in Paradise. We will travel back in time to when our beautiful, Florida city of Key West was just beginning to be developed. We will use the book as a guide for creative activities and celebrating one or Florida's historical cities.

Week 2:  Jun 3 - 7    Afternoons     K - 4     FERIA DEL MUNDO HISPANO (AROUND THE HISPANIC WORLD)      $150
Do you like dancing? Do you enjoy creating art? Come along with us on a journey to explore new cultures, test our taste buds, and have fun! During our week of camp we will explore Hispanic culture through dance, art, games and tastes of food.

Week 2:  Jun 3 - 7    Afternoons      2 - 4      ASL “FINGERSPELLING & MORE” (AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE)      $150
Students will learn the ASL (American Sign Language) alphabet and how to fingerspell key words and sign certain short phrases.  Every day will have a theme associated with new words.

Week 2:  Jun 3 - 7    Afternoons    2 - 4     PE GAMES      $150
Too hot outdoors to play? Enjoy an action-packed week of interactive, fun PE games along with some free play in an air-conditioned gym.  You can join your friends to compete in games like kickball, capture the flag, baseball, tennis, and more. 

Week 2:  Jun 3 - 7    Afternoons    3 - 5     TALENT SEARCH WITH THE SWEETEST SOUND     $150
Let's celebrate the Sunshine State Book; The Sweetest Sound by Sherri Winston. Do you have a talent that you can share? We will explore out personal talents and share them with our summer group and families too. Believing in yourself and encouraging each other is a sweet sound indeed!! We will use the book as a guide for creative activities and celebrating each other's strengths. 

Week 3:  Jun 10 - 14     9a - 1p     VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL  - Roar! Life is Wild - God is Good!
Obtain a separate registration form from LCC or LCCDS.    

Week 4:  Jun 17 - 21    Mornings      K - 4    PANTHERS CHEER CAMP     $150
G-O-Let's go Panthers...G-O-Let's GO!  Do you have Panther Pride?  Are you ready to show it?  Join us for some fun learning to jump, tumble, stunt, cheer and dance.  We'll have some arts & crafts and game time fun too!  At the end of the week, we'll finish off with a performance for family and friends.  Are you ready to cheer for the Panthers?

Week 4:  Jun 17 - 21    Mornings     K - 4    SILLY SPORTS AND GOOFY GAMES     $150
Boost energy, boost achievement, and release joy with these indoor and outdoor sport and game activities. This camp will include fun and engaging sports and games in nine categories: Terrific Tag, Happy Helpers, Beautiful Balances, Creative Coordination, Meaningful Movements, Crazy Challenges, and Ridiculous Relays to name a few! In these games, everyone wins!

Week 4:  Jun 17 - 21    Mornings     2 - 4     STEM IN NATURE     $150
Kids will imagine, collaborate, explore and create during this hands-on interactive camp. This engaging camp will combine fun games and cool STEM activities that will make connections with the natural world around us. From bottle rockets to making ice cream kids will have fun all while learning super cool STEM skills that will help them in school and in life.

Week 4:  Jun 17 - 21    Mornings     2 - 4     THE GREAT INDOORS OUTDOORS      $150
Get your indoor-outdoor camping gear on! In this camp, we will explore all the great experiences of camping indoors. We will create blueprints for our tents, build a warm, pretend campfire out of recycled material, eat delicious smores, create amazing crafts from things we find outdoors, and then we will plant one summer flower (TBA).

Week 4:  Jun 17 - 21    Afternoons   K - 4     KIDDING AROUND YOGA     $150
Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) is designed to motivate children to be active, build confidence, and manage the spectrum of emotions they experience in their day-to-day activities. KAY is stress management for kids!  Your child will experience cardiovascular conditioning through fun music, interactive activities and stories, creating crafts, and eating healthy snacks by using all of the traditional benefits of Yoga: meditation, breathing techniques, peace, and deep relaxation. KAY Yoga is OMazing!

Week 4:  Jun 17 - 21    Afternoons       2 - 4     THE SUNSHINE CITY     $150
Are you proud of the city we live in, Sunny Saint Pete, Florida? Would you like to learn more about our wonderful city? Do you have ideas to make it even better? Then this is the camp for you! Come spend a week with us exploring and appreciating our wonderful sunny city of Sunny Saint Pete! Let the sun shine!

Week 4:  Jun 17 - 21    Afternoons     3 - 5     FLORIDA HISTORY: TURTLE IN PARADISE (Sequel to Full of Beans)     $150
Come celebrate author Jennifer Holm and the 2011 Newberry Honor Book, Turtle in Paradise. This book continues the story of week 2’s book, Full of Beans. The main character, Turtle, is eleven years old and lives in Key West, Florida during the Great Depression. We will discover more about Florida's historical city through activities, games and crafts. 

Week 4:  Jun 17 - 21    Afternoons       2 - 4     VOLLEYBALL: SKILLS & DRILLS     $150
Have fun learning the fundamentals of volleyball through skill practice.

Week 5:  Jun 24 - 28     Mornings     K - 1     WATER FUN     $150
Come get wet and wild at water week! It's so hot during the summer we are ready to cool off with some fun water activities like water relay games and art projects. Students should come dressed in a bathing suit or clothes ok to get wet. Please bring sunscreen, a towel, and a pair of dry clothes to change into later.

Week 5:  Jun 24 - 28    Mornings     2 - 4     GREASE IS THE WORD     $150
Grease is the word! Let's sip milkshakes and embrace our inner Pink Lady and Thunderbird. You will be going back in time to the 1950's during this week of jiving, drive-ins, and of course, songs!

Week 5:  Jun 24 - 28    Mornings     2 - 4    SAINT PETE’S BEST PAINTED ROCKS     $150
A little art therapy with different daily themes.  We will paint our Saint Pete Rocks with happy images, bright fun colors and positive/ inspirational words. Students will get to choose 2-3 rocks to design a day.   In true Saint Pete fashion students will have the option of hiding their unique creations somewhere downtown to brighten someone’s day or they may choose to start their very own rock garden.  It’s up to the student.

Week 5:  Jun 24 - 28    9:00 - Noon    K - 3    QUICKSTART TENNIS CAMP WITH COACH SUE     $165
This has a separate registration which can be found here.

Week 5:  Jun 24 - 28    Afternoons    K - 4     CAMP OLYMPICS     $150
It’s game time this week at camp!  We are going to divide and conquer Olympic style. We will establish our own countries, from flags to anthems, to competing for medals of all kinds! Join us for a week of relays, challenges, and races with a closing ceremony to wrap up our journey through the summer games.

Week 5:  Jun 24 - 28    Afternoons     2 - 4     CREATIVE WRITING     $150
During this week, young writers will explore the fun and excitement of creative writing. We'll be using music and journaling to write about visits to inspiring locations, and learn about the craft of writing from journalists. Writers will express their thoughts using poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and more! At the end of the session, we will publish your piece in a journal of collected works from this exciting week of writing!

Week 5:  Jun 24 - 28    Afternoons   2 - 4     T-SHIRT DESIGN (USING SHARPIES AS WATERCOLORS) AND MORE…
Design your own items through a colorful expression of one’s artistic self - (T-shirts included) using Sharpie markers as watercolors and using other embellishments to make your very own unique designs.

(3 Day Week)            
Week 6:  Jul 1 - 3     Mornings     K - 1     GOD BLESS AMERICA     $90

God Bless America!  This camp will begin with a devotional time, and we will talk about the amazing things God does in our lives, and the plans he has for making us his hands and feet on earth, as well as the best Americans we can be! Prior to the end of the school year, students will submit their favorite state in our country.  During our week together,  we will explore the campers' choices of state with informative videos, a scrapbook project, and patriotic art and crafts.

Week 6:  Jul 1 - 3     Mornings     2 - 4     DIY     $90
Bath bombs, slime, and more, oh my!  This do-it-yourself camp will be all about hands on. We will be using our scientific hats to measure and create those usable, fun objects we see around us! 

Week 6:  Jul 1 - 3     Afternoons     K - 1     PE: INDIVIDUAL SKILLS     $90
Individual Building skills will help each child gain confidence in learning basic game skills and a strong foundation to sports and life. We will work with a variety of equipment, have obstacle courses and work on strengthening our body and minds.

Week 6:  Jul 1 - 3     Afternoons     2 - 4     U.S.A. ROAD TRIP     $90
America, the land of many sights! During this camp, we are going to road trip across the United States, from West to East, learning all about the land that we love. Each day, we will be learning about a set of states, with interactive, fun activities!

Week 7:  Jul 8 - 12     Mornings     K - 4     ART WEEK WITH THE WILDS     $150
Monday:  Let’s start by imagining what jungle creature could fit perfectly on your back. Perhaps a monkey! You don't need to own one to put one there!
Tuesday:  Textures of Animals..we will start by recreating Turtle shells with found objects. Then experiment recreating animal fur textures.
Wednesday:  Watercolor with a favorite Sea Creature -Dolphins, Sea Turtles 
and Jellies!! Oh MY!!
Thursday:  How about your face with an animal body!! It can be done...we will paint a canvas which has a face place cut out!
Friday:  Fantasy Animals will be our focus...Dragons and Unicorns and maybe even ones you have only dreamed about!

Week 7:  Jul 8 - 12     Mornings     K - 4     PE: FUN TEAM BUILDING SKILLS     $150
Team Building activities and group games will be a fun and constructive way to help children learn team spirit, cooperativeness, and develop communication. We will have a Human Caterpillar Wheel, Minefield, Backups and Gross Motor skills development.

Week 7:  Jul 8 - 12     Mornings     2 - 4     DESSERT WARS     $150
Get your chef hats and aprons ready!  Let's put your baking and decorating to the test! During this week of extreme “desserting,” we will be baking and decorating our hearts out. From the usual cupcakes and cookies to waffles and doughnuts. Doesn't this sound delicious?!

Week 7:  Jul 8 - 12     Afternoons     K - 4     CAMPCHELLA     $150
It’s festival week!  Campchella is in full swing! From the wristbands, live music, arts and crafts, to the festival food—it’s hard to pick just one favorite, so we will embrace it all, in festival attire, of course! This week is going to be one to remember!

Week 7:  Jul 8 - 12     Afternoons     2 - 4     MYSTERY CAMP     $150
Ever want to be a CSI agent or detective?  You will spend the week reading and solving mysteries.  These are just some of the suspenseful activities planned for this nail-biting week!
* Solving two or three hands-on Cases:
      Case # 81986 The Riddle of The Rising Sun (Japan)
      Case #07042  The Menace in Moscow
* Unlocking Secret Codes to Building a Message
* Fingerprinting 
* Mystery Directions & Drawings
* Mystery Games from Line Up to Clue

Week 7:  Jul 8 - 12     Afternoons     2 - 4     WHEEL FOR FORTUNE AND THE FRIEND FEUD     $150
Let’s play the very popular television game shows, Wheel for Fortune and Friend Feud!  You will be a contestant for a week competing to answer the questions based on common K-4 knowledge.  Come show off your knowledge and creativity while learning new things.
Example Friend Feud questions:
   1.   Name something you might see on the ocean?
  2.   When 
you think of seven what comes to mind?
  3.   Name something you do right before bed.
  4.   Tell me a place you might be told to be quiet? 

Week 7:  Jul 8 - 12  1:00 - 3:00 pm  K - 3    QUICKSTART TENNIS CAMP WITH COACH SUE     $120
This has a separate registration which can be found here.

Week 8:  Jul 15 - 19     Mornings     K - 1     FUN IN THE SUN WITH A GREAT BOOK!     $150
Do you want to keep your reading strong through the summer and start next year off with even more powerful skills? Then, come join us in strengthening your reading and writing skills. I will use my Reading Recovery training to help connect your reading skills with writing skills. We will read exciting stories, build words and do creative activities to strengthen your skills and strategies. Come dressed in beach attire because we will pretend we are at the beach sunbathing and chilling with some good books! Fun in the Sun!   

Week 8:  Jul 15 - 19     Mornings     K - 4     TEMPORARY BODY ART     $150
Students will get creative and learn to use Crayola watercolor crayons (non-toxic) to make clever designs freehand & with stencils using our arms, legs, hands and feet as our canvas.

Week 8:  Jul 15 - 19    Mornings    K - 4     SILLY SPORTS AND GOOFY GAMES     $150
Boost energy, boost achievement, and release joy with these indoor and outdoor sport and game activities. This camp will include fun and engaging sports and games in nine categories: Terrific Tag, Happy Helpers, Beautiful Balances, Creative Coordination, Meaningful Movements, Crazy Challenges, and Ridiculous Relays to name a few!. In these games, everyone wins! 

Week 8:  Jul 15 - 19     Mornings    2 - 4     "DISCOVER ME" WITH ARTS     $150
Expressive and therapeutic arts awaken a child’s imagination and creativity to help them discover who they are and how to engage their senses. It also brings a sense of calm to the body and positively impacts mindset, interpretation of surroundings and emotional state.

Week 8:  Jul 15 - 19     Afternoons     K - 4     CHRISTMAS IN JULY     $150
What’s better than Christmas?!  Christmas in July!  Let’s celebrate being halfway to Christmas by riding our sleigh to travel around the world. During this week, we will use our passports to learn, embrace, and celebrate Christmas, the holiday we all know and love!

Week 8:  Jul 15 - 19     Afternoons     1 - 2     AUTHORS-IN-TRAINING     $150
Come celebrate your amazing reading and writing skills. We will read books and write our own amazing stories. We will explore several authors and use their techniques to write our own fabulous books. We will do creative activities, type our stories and publish them into a collection of our writing to share with our families. I will teach students to use technology in making their writing even more amazing with fun fonts, adding pictures utilizing word documents.

Week 8:  Jul 15 - 19     Afternoons     2 - 4     MUSIC/ROCK BAND CAMP     $150
Students can be taught keyboard, piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and voice. Have your child join us and try all of these instruments, find out which is their favorite – all levels of experience are welcome. They can jam, create music, write songs, and have fun performing as a band! On Friday, the last day of the camp session, friends and families are invited to join a rockin’ music jam to enjoy band performances by our students.