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Preschool through 8th Grade

LCCDS Middle School PE Uniform and Ordering Information


In Middle School, students wear PE Uniforms to school on the days the student has PE. The PE uniform includes LCCDS branded shorts and shirts and the student’s own athletic style sneakers. Students are awarded points toward their PE grade for wearing the correct uniform, and students must wear all three pieces of the uniform to receive full points. Likewise, points are deducted from the PE grade if the student is not in the correct PE uniform.

  • 5th and 6th grades have PE three (3) times per week.  
  • 7th and 8th grades have PE two (2) times per week.  
  • Students should wear their PE uniform to school (instead of their regular school uniform) on PE days.  Students will not “dress out” at school.  
  • PE will start awarding points for the full PE uniform beginning Monday, August 23rd, to give families plenty of time to secure PE uniforms.  
  • If the student is not wearing the LCCDS branded PE uniform before August 23rd, they should wear their regular school uniform, except on Fridays, which are “uniform optional.”

Ordering Information

  • Our vendor for PE uniforms is Big T Printing, 2801 16th Street N., 727-322-3131.
  • Orders for PE uniforms can be placed online through the Spirit Store on the LCC Day School website (on the front page under “Snapshots” or at the top of the Middle School page).
  • Sample sizes are available at the store. Big T Printing is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 – 5:00.
  • Big T offers a bulk discount for uniforms purchased by Friday, July 30th. Bulk order pricing is listed below.
  • Uniforms in the bulk order will be delivered to the school free of charge and distributed to students during PE class during the second week of school.
  • Orders placed after July 30th are charged at the standard rate.  


Bulk Order Pricing:

  • PE Shorts: $13/ea.
  • P.E. Shirts: $9/ea.
Standard Pricing:
  • PE Shorts: $16/ea.
  • P.E. Shirts: $11/ea.

Bulk Time Window

  • Store Bulk Pricing Ends: July 30th
    • From Big T Printing:
      • Orders placed during the bulk period will be held until the bulk pricing ends, then processed all at once.  They will be delivered to the school on or before August 13th, individually bagged and labeled with the student’s name as given on the online order.
      • Orders placed after the bulk window will be processed individually, requiring 7-10 business day lead time, and customers can choose to ship to their home or in-store pickup.



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