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Preschool through 8th Grade

Our preschool program is designed to teach children the life skills of how to get along, ask questions, follow directions, and make decisions.  Children accomplish this through play which is an essential part of learning.  A thematic curriculum is reinforced through circle time, center time, and creative expression.


The 2-year-old program emphasizes social interaction, small and large motor skills, following routines, and making new friends.  Because children of this age explore by doing, sensory activities are abundant through art and manipulatives.

A hallmark of the 3-year-old program includes learning to participate and contribute in group activities as well as practicing small and large motor skills.  Development of social skills, including conflict resolution, continues to be emphasized.  The children continue to explore through hands-on experiences and utilization of the five senses.

The 4-year-old program focuses on educational areas including social development, academic enrichment, and independence building.  Learning and fun go hand-in-hand as children learn pre-reading skills and emerging math awareness through the "Doorways to Discovery" curriculum which is enhanced by thematic learning.

The 4/5 transitional class is by teacher recommendation only.  It is reserved first for those students who would benefit from an additional year of preschool.  Any class space remaining is filled by 4-year-old students with early birth dates and the social skills and maturity level to match.


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