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Preschool through 8th Grade
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  • Letter from the Board of Trustees
    Greetings LCC Day School Family, We want to Thank You again for your patience, grace, and underst [ ... ]

    Greetings LCC Day School Family,

    We want to Thank You again for your patience, grace, and understanding as we prepare for a Return to School. The Board of Trustees, Re-Opening Task Force, and Administration continue to meet frequently in order to assess the latest information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and evolve our Return to School plans as necessary.

    As you may be aware, local public school districts and other private schools have recently announced delays to their school start date, while other school districts and private schools have announced their intent to only offer virtual school to begin the upcoming school year.

    In our most recent meeting, the Board of Trustees discussed whether we should consider delaying the start date for the school year. In light of the number of new policies and measures being adopted to create an in-school environment that is as safe as possible, and with input from faculty, staff, and parents, the Board decided it would be prudent to delay the start of school by one week. The date for our Return to School will now be August 19, 2020.

    The speculated reasons for the delays by other schools appear to be wide-ranging, from concern that the logistics of offering in-person learning are too complex to implement (particularly for large public school districts), to the hope that a delay will provide more time for a reduction in the current rate of virus spread.

    For us at LCC Day School, the driving factor behind our decision to delay the start of the year was to give everyone – faculty, staff, and parents – some additional time to prepare for Return to School.  As stated in our prior communications, we have been very deliberate in formulating and announcing the new policies and measures being implemented, given that information regarding COVID-19, and guidance from the CDC and other authorities, are literally changing daily. Although we believe this approach has served us well, it has also led to a very compressed time schedule for Return to School preparations. Thus, we hope that this one-week delay will provide everyone a bit more time to get ready for the new year.

    While our start date is changing, our approach to the Return to School is not.  Based on the current situation, the Board of Trustees and the Administration remain fully committed to opening the LCC Day School campus and offering the in-school learning experience all of us miss so very much.

    Finally, we humbly ask for everyone’s patience with, and support for, our beloved faculty and staff as we return to school.   There is no doubt that the first couple of weeks of school will present all of us with some unanticipated challenges, no matter how much we plan.  We want to recognize the pressure and accompanying anxiety that these changes place upon faculty and staff and based on their feedback would like to provide them with this additional time to prepare to educate your children. We cannot thank them enough for their perseverance and commitment to LCC Day School.   Please support our faculty and staff by ensuring you and your families are following CDC guidelines outside of school (see the attached risk pyramid from the Florida Medical Association as a helpful resource).

    Again, on behalf of LCC Day School, we thank you again for your patience and understanding during these challenging times. We look forward to starting school again on August 19th.  

    Thank you,

    The LCC Day School Board of Trustees


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