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Community Association

Welcome to LCC Day School's Community Association

The Community Association at LCC Day School is designed for efficiency. We recognize that all families have busy schedules, so we keep everything here as simple as possible. All families are automatically members and are encouraged to volunteer! Your efforts as a volunteer are extremely appreciated and valued by our faculty, staff, and students. There are no fees for participation. Becoming part of the LCCDS family, you have the opportunity as a volunteer to lead, participate in events, activities, and many other services that support and enhance the needs of LCC Day School. Enthusiastic parental involvement is deeply appreciated!

An LCCDS staff member oversees every committee to guarantee smooth transitions between chairpersons as well as the success of each event and fundraiser. Committees operate in a deconstructed format. There are no monthly meetings to attend. Committees organize meetings only if needed.  No one likes to accept a role that is vague, so we do our best to make sure jobs are clearly defined in scope and time. Committee chairs and volunteers receive support from the staff members as needed throughout their volunteer time. We cannot think of anything better than a team of school and its community working together to better our students future.  

To get involved today, contact: Mrs. Jordan Ashley Hough-

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