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    Fall Festival is Coming!

    The LCC Church will be hosting the Fall Festival on Wednesday, October 28th.  Stay tuned for more information! Read More

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    Tootsie roll sweet fruitcake. Pastry jelly pastry jelly-o pastry jelly jujubes muffin. Jujubes tiramisu tiramisu sweet roll cake. Dessert topping gingerbread bear claw candy jelly beans tart. Brownie gummies lollipop donut halvah cotton candy. Soufflé sweet roll candy canes cupcake dessert fruitcake ch... Read More


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    LCC Online Spirit Store

    Middle School students (grades 5-8) are required to wear LCC Day School PE uniforms for Physical Education class. Students should have a minimum of 2 PE uniforms. Our vendor for PE uniforms is Big T Printing. read more

    Lunch Orders

    Click above to place your Lunch Orders with Saltwater Catering. read more

    Homework on ParentsWeb - Clicking on the video link above takes you to a step-by-step tutorial on displaying and printing your child's homework. read more

    The LCC Day School Advantage

    Please click on the image above to get
    more information on the auction!