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Elementary Division

Kindergarten - 4th Grade

LCCDS offers a fundamental academic curriculum in a supportive environment where every student feels valued and included. Our curriculum is designed to meet the individual levels of each student, encouraging, and challenging their moral, social, and academic growth.

In Language Arts, LCCDS offers a balanced literacy program with equal emphasis on reading and writing. The goal of our Language Arts program is to develop lifelong readers and writers, beginning with our youngest students. Through the study of quality literature in a variety of genres, students gain a deepening understanding of the reading and writing process. Spelling, grammar, and vocabulary are additional components of our balanced literacy program.

Mathematics is taught using a conceptual math program consisting of problem-based, visual, and conceptual understanding. Visual models, student-centered projects, and personalized learning are used to assist with internalizing mathematical concepts. Students solve rich, reality-based problems to understand the application of math in everyday life.

In Science, students explore the areas of Earth/Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Each year, students investigate these areas, building upon their prior knowledge. Science units are taught using a thematic approach that includes a variety of experiments and hands-on opportunities designed to promote students' curiosity.

Over the course of the elementary school years, the Social Studies curriculum focuses on United States History from Native Americans through the 19th century. With an emphasis on project-based learning and through developing research skills, our students develop critical thinking skills, along with a knowledge and understanding of the past.

Spanish is taught beginning in Kindergarten. Through stories, songs, and games, students learn to enjoy and understand a second language.  Discussion in Spanish about their lives gives their learning meaning and encourages a personal connection to language acquisition. 

Our core academic curriculum, enhanced with the following classes ensures a well-rounded educational experience for our students.
The study of Art, as well as Art History, allows for freedom of expression through a variety of media that promote imagination, creativity, critical thinking, self-expression, and self-discipline. Students attend Art once a week.  

LCCDS encourages students to become creative, knowledgeable, and responsible digital citizens. In kindergarten and first grade, iPads are used to teach robotics, coding, and digital citizenship as well as supplementing the classroom curriculum. In second through fourth grades, students are assigned a Chromebook to use in class for keyboarding, research, presentations, collaboration, and communication. During technology class, students learn keyboard coding, and Google Workspace.

At LCCDS, believing healthy exercise is critical to the overall development of a child, students in the elementary school have PE five days a week. Basic physical fitness skills and activities are planned to match the developmental level of the students. Good sportsmanship and learning to be a team player are integral to our PE program. 

Our music curriculum is a creative active learning experience that all grades participate in. Students in the elementary school attend music weekly. At LCCDS we focus on encouraging our students to foster a love of music through participation and personal expression. 

The Elementary School Library program helps build the reading comprehension and literacy skills that turn students into lifetime readers. Our Elementary Librarian works with students in every grade to promote reading and teach information literacy.

The LCCDS Innovation Thinking (IT) Lab is housed in the Media Center on the elementary campus. The lab was designed to give all students a place to explore 21st Century skills through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) and Design Thinking principles. The 21st-century skills of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication allow students to create new pathways for thinking and learning. This is a place for students to collaborate, design, and invent using the engineering design proven. We strive to teach the importance of flexible thinking and learning as an integral part of a well-rounded education. Many lessons in the IT Lab supplement our traditional grade-level curriculum, and all lessons focus on important STEAM, Design Thinking, and collaborative learning skills.

LCCDS is a ministry of Lutheran Church of the Cross. Preschool through, adolescent years, is crucial for children to internalize their Christian faith, values, and ethics, which provide a moral foundation for life and develop their God-given potential.  Christian values are reinforced through our weekly Chapel Services led by the Pastors and Youth Director of Lutheran Church of the Cross.

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