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Student Life

At LCC Day School, each child is valued for his or her unique traits in personality, styles of learning, rate of development, and ability. We strive to instill a lifelong love of learning in an appropriately challenging and faith-centered environment. Education based on Christian values and ethics, which provides a moral foundation for life. At LCC Day School, we believe that school is not just preparation for life; for a child, school is life. Learning how to move from the dependency of the preschooler to become a caring, respectful young person who can think and act independently requires the encouragement of both school and home working together. Children gain confidence as they grow in responsibility. Challenging children's potential and preparing students for future competitive pre-college preparatory schools is key to LCCDS's mission. Knowing how to lead, how to function as part of a group, and how to take another's perspective, moves students a step beyond independence to interdependence, and toward being a vital part of the community. 

April 2024
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