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Campus Safety & Security 

In January 2019, LCC Day School partnered with CIS (now known as, GuardaWorld), a world leader in school security, to implement the Guardian SafeSchool Program at LCC Day School. With the help of the Safe School Program through GuardaWorld, we produced an extensive Safety Manual and Staff Training Manual as part of our campus safety audit and assessment. 

LCC Day School hired a School Protection Officer through GuardaWorld to be a permanent part of our family. They are a crucial part of our community and support our school safety efforts. The All School Protection Officers through GuardaWorld are trained for medical emergencies and physical assaults. The primary role of the officer is to get to know our community and support all aspects of LCC Day School's safety operations. They are familiar, friendly faces and are able to offer assistance at a moment's notice. 

LCC Day School installed all new door handles and locks for the classroom doors as well as, a locked gate around the Preschool campus. The classroom and building doors remain locked at all times. We have 24/7 video cameras located throughout the Elementary and Middle School campuses that are monitored at all hours of the day. 

Visiting LCC Day School

All visitors during or after school hours are required to sign in with an Administrative Assistant at any three campus offices and wear a visitor nametag. Anyone not listed under their student's contact information will be asked to present a valid photo identification and a possible phone call to that student's main point of contact for consent if needed. 

The entire Staff and LCCDS School Community take part in making sure we do our diligence in keeping our students and campus as safe and nurturing as possible. If you have any questions about the safety and security of LCCDS, please contact our main number at 727-522-8331.



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