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Confident Middle School - 7th Grade
Seventh Grade Curriculum

Literature, Writing, and Grammar
Literature continues to build upon the foundation from the previous year. Students extend their exploration into the areas of fiction and non-fiction, as well as their sub-genres. Students continue their exposure to different types of literature through the textbook and supplementary novels. Writing and grammar are integrated into the literature curriculum. Students build upon their knowledge of the five stages of writing and the writing genres, while instruction in grammar is reinforced through writing workshops, personal writing, and other curriculum areas.

Using Math Connects, Course 2, students will be focusing on three areas: (1) Numbers and Operations, Algebra and Geometry, developing and applying and understanding of proportions, including similarity; (2) Measurement and Geometry, finding surface areas and volumes of three-dimensional shapes; and (3) Number and Operations and Algebra, solving linear equations and deepening their understanding of operations on all rational numbers. Along the way, they will learn more about problem solving, and how to use the tools and language of mathematics, and how to think mathematically.

Pre–Algebra lays the foundation for the study of algebra by teaching the language of algebra, its properties, and methods of solving equations. These methods are applied to rational numbers (fractions, decimals, and percentages) and demonstrate to the student real life applications. The student also learns linear and nonlinear functions and graphs, and how to apply algebra to geometry, statistics and polynomials. Enriching activities are integrated throughout the lessons to encourage students to think outside the box and introduce higher level mathematical concepts. The graphing calculator is introduced.

Social Studies
World Cultures and Geography engages the student on a journey to dense rainforests, bleak deserts, bustling cities and marketplace, and remote villages. This course cultivates an understanding of how people, places, and physical forces shape our world. The study of culture helps students understand similarities and differences within groups of people. By exploring human features of unique areas, the students begin to gain a perspective that enables them to relate to different groups of people.

Physical science, life science, and earth science are the three genres studied. The texts include: Introduction to Matter; Electricity and Magnetism; Environmental Science; Sound and Light; and Water on the Earth. Hands-on labs are interwoven throughout the curriculum. These labs teach observation, interpretation, and critical thinking skills.

Students continue to build their knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher. The Mavis Beacon program helps students increase keyboarding skills. Adobe Photoshop Elements skills are learned as precursors to web site design. Students continue to learn Internet research skills and safety on the Internet. Technology projects are also used to enhance the learning experiences of other subject areas.

Effective communication through reading, writing and speaking continues to be emphasized. Students learn to say commands and, conjugate regular and irregular verbs in the past tense. Through role playing students continue to build their vocabulary and practice conversational Spanish while reinforcing grammar skills.

Students choose from band or chorus. Both groups study sight-reading and basic singing/playing skills through the use of method books and preparing a variety of styles of music for two formal concerts. In the spring, all students participate in a musical production either through drama, backstage, or production.

Utilizing the language of art, students will explore art through production techniques, appreciation, and history, while focusing on improving and developing each student’s skills. Students will discover how art relates to the many areas of their lives such as science, math, language arts, dance, music, fashion, and technology.

Physical Education & Personal Wellness
Emphasizing sportsmanship and teamwork, the students participate in several sports including basketball, volleyball, soccer, track, tennis and golf. In Personal Wellness, the curriculum includes body organization and structure, circulation and respiration, the digestive system, communication and control, body defenses and disease, and healthy lifestyles.

This class is also offered at an advanced level for students who qualify.

Middle School Registration

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Middle School Registration Information and Forms
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Release for Emergency Care Form PDF (872.25 KB) Administration 7/24/2014
2014-15 Registration Packet to Print PDF (212.97 KB)  more ] Administration 2/5/2014
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