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Middle School Uniform Guidelines 2013 - 2014

LCC Preferred School Number: 9000-7054-1

Lands’ End: 1-800-469-2222

Lands’ End is the only vendor for the LCC school uniform. All garments, with the exception of PE uniforms which are purchased from Allen's Sporting Goods, must be purchased from the Lands’ End School catalog. Items in the regular Lands’ End catalog do not meet the uniform guidelines.

Uniforms are required Monday through Thursday. Students who are on campus during school hours, including before care and after care, must follow the LCC Day School dress code unless otherwise directed. Fridays will be uniform optional, with Friday guidelines in effect. However, LCC Day School reserves the right to require a uniform on any given Friday due to a special event.

Please note that a uniform infraction may necessitate a call to the parents who will be asked to bring the proper uniform garment(s) to school. This also includes the correct shoes listed in the uniform requirements. The school reserves the right to tell students when their dress does not adhere to the dress code or Friday guidelines. If a middle school student violates the uniform policy, he/she will be required to wear his/her uniform on Friday. If a student's uniform doesn't fit properly (shirt too short to tuck in or skort/shorts too short) he/she will be asked to replace the garment with a properly fitting garment. If the garment isn't replaced in a timely manner, the student will receive the necessary piece from our used uniform supply and the family will be charged. If a student fails to meet the Friday Guidelines, he/she will be required to change into a school uniform from the school's used uniform supply. The dress code may be altered at any time as deemed necessary by the Head of School or LCC Day School Board.

Boys and Girls
Please note, a RED uniform shirt is required for school field trips. Logos are encouraged, but optional, on school uniform shirts.
  • Short sleeve polo knit shirt in evergreen, classic navy, or red
  • Long sleeve polo knit shirt in evergreen, classic navy, or red


Please note, cargo slacks and cargo shorts are NOT approved uniform items.

  • Khaki Slacks
  • Khaki Shorts

Please note, skirts and knit skorts are NOT approved uniform items. Corduroy, cargo, and pencil pants are NOT approved uniform items.

  • 5th Grade ONLY . . . Plaid skorts/jumpers may be worn during the 2013-14 school year.
  • Khaki Slacks
  • Khaki Shorts
  • Khaki Skorts


LCC Outerwear consists of selected items in the Lands' End School catalog or LCC teamwear or spiritwear with the LCC logo sold through LCC Day School. LCC outerwear is MANDATORY for middle school students Monday through Thursday and is the only outerwear to be worn inside the school building. 5th grade ONLY, LCC outerwear is optional for the 2013-14 school year.

The fleece jacket is generally warm enough for even our coldest days, but on days that are particularly cold (below 40 degrees), students may wear a non-uniform heavier coat to school and while standing on the ramp before/after school and during break. Coats should be appropriate for school with no distracting writing or inappropriate designs. This is not a reason to wear non-uniform sweatshirts and therefore does not include sweatshirts or other outerwear garments of the same weight as LCC outerwear. Please note non-dress code outerwear may not be worn in the classroom.

Lands' End Outerwear Garments:

The LCC Crest is encouraged, but optional, on these garments:

  • Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt in Pewter Heather or Red
  • Zip-Front Hooded Sweatshirt in Pewter Heather or Red
  • Crew Sweatshirt in Pewter Heather or Red

The following garment can be monogrammed with either the LCC Crest or LCC Paw logo:

  • Mid-weight Fleece Jacket: Red or Navy



Allen's Sporting Goods
6585 Seminole Blvd
727-397-0421 or


Boys and Girls

All middle school students, grades 5-8, will dress out for PE.  Grades 5 and 6 have PE three (3) times per week and grades 7 and 8 have PE two (2) times per week. 

Please note, students are required to wear traditional, athletic style sneakers for PE.  Points will be deducted from a student's PE grade if he/she is not wearing the correct uniform, including shoes.  Wearing shoes that do no meet the PE guidelines will not excuse a student from participating in PE.

  • Black mesh athletic shorts with the paw logo
  • Red 50/50 blend T-shirt with the LCC PE Logo
  • Traditional, athletic style sneakers (can be purchased at store of your choice)

Hair Accessories

  • Acceptable Headwear for girls includes headbands, hair ties, and barrettes
  • Boys, please cut hair in a style that is above the eyebrows and above the collar
  • Extreme hair styles or colors are not permitted
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Shoe Accessories

  • Shoes must be conservative, rubber soled, cover the entire foot, and not come any higher than the ankle (no high tops or boots).  The fit must be snug so shoes don't slip off easily and the sole must be flat.  
  • Footies may be worn.  Mid-calf socks should be black or white only.
  • Girls tights and leggings are permitted in solid black, navy or white with the uniform
  • Please, no sweatpants

Personal Grooming

  • Minimal jewelry
  • Small stud or small hoop earrings
  • Girls, please no heavy make-up
  • No body piercing or body jewelry
  • No facial hair for boys
  • No writing on the body
  • No writing on clothing


Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Belts are worn with shorts and slacks
  • Shirts are tucked in with the uniform
  • In cooler weather, all long sleeve shirts must be uniform attire
  • Shorts and skorts are to be modest and mid-thigh in length
  • White undershirts only under the uniform shirt



For grades 5 through 8

For students, school is their job!  Clothing should be appropriate for school at all times.


  • Appropriate T-shirt logos are permitted.
  • Tank tops, halter tops, and spaghetti strap shirts are not permitted.
  • Midriffs and shoulder area should be completely covered with normal range of motion.
  • Please, no camouflage attire or ripped jeans.
  • Students in grades 5 - 8 (boys and girls), who choose to wear shorts, may wear UNIFORM SHORTS ONLY on Friday.  Slacks, jeans, and Capri style pants are permitted.
  • Friday only, girls may wear rubber and flat soled boots with a conservative appearance that fit snuggly.  Boots should not be higher than mid-shin height.
  • Skirts should be modest and mid-thigh in length.

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